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Hello and welcome!

I'm an independent editor and author who loves everything fantasy and sci-fi.

As an independent editor, I primarily work with indie authors and am passionate about supporting and encouraging indie publishing overall. For this reason, I offer competitive pricing and free editing advice to help authors become better at self-editing their manuscripts. You also won't catch me recommending an editing service I wouldn't personally pay to have done on my own manuscript and I talk a lot about strategies to save money on your manuscript's edits while still getting the most polished product both here and on Tumblr. 


I'm a huge sci-fi fantasy nerd and consider this space to be my speciality. I love nothing more than a good Elder Scrolls conspiracy theory, can wax poetic about the injustice of the fandom's treatment of Sansa Stark, and have a twice weekly, scheduled crisis about everything to do with The Three-Body Problem. I'm passionate about anything to do with dragons, lost civilisations, 'magi-tech' sci-fi magic systems, and love to see horror elements incorporated into both genres. 

For those seeking editors with lived experiences similar to characters in their work, I'm a lesbian, cis-gendered, third generation Australian and culturally western.

I have been editing professionally since 2015, but focused my attention on fiction in 2020. I have provided copy and structural edits for several online publications, most notably Purple Sneakers magazine. Since shifting my focus to fiction, I have assisted several authors with their manuscripts and am especially passionate about developmental editing and story critique. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from Deakin University. 


I am trained in using several style guides including:

  • Australian Style Manual,

  • The Chicago Manual of Style (the standard for publishing in the United States,)

  • New Zealand's Style Guide,

  • The United Kingdom Style Guide.


This means that I can provide copy edits, line edits, and proof reads in Australian, American, New Zealand, and British English. If you speak another English dialect, or speak English as a second language and are unsure which dialect you wish your manuscript to be in, I'm happy to discuss this with you in more detail. 

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